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Aug 11, 2013 8:00am EDT
local traditions. >> i loved it, too. >> brian, maybe you can talk about, too, what is it about terry mcauliffe that seems to turn off -- jonathan chaten, new york magazine, he said the mcauliffe is the democrat democrats dream of voting against. there's -- the top-tier fund-raising, beltway, all of that. there's some sensibility that in 2009 he offended democrats. >> there's very little about terry mcauliffe that -- that sort of they feel like they can relate to. they don't feel he has core values that really they want to see in their candidates. like, they're willing to tolerate candidates that sort of have, you know, harassies here and there. and i think that that sort of gets to why, you know, liberals haven't been super enthusiastic about mcauliffe but cuccinelli comes along and they change his mind that maybe they can -- >> each side is voting against the other candidate, which i get. but then we had those numbers earlier that showed cuccinelli's unfavorable is much higher than mcauliffe's. that's before this s.e.c. news broke. so the story with the s.e.c. investigation is that,
Aug 11, 2013 5:00am PDT
here with terry mcauliffe. e.w. jackson gets the benefit of all of that work. he and i have discussed this. >> so, brian, this complicates things a lot for cuccinelli, i think, because the mcdonald -- the bob mcdonald model for winning in virginia is if -- at least from 2009 if you're a cultural conservative you downplay that as much as you can on general election, you run on the economy, on jobs. if that's your agenda, you wait until you're governor to do that. but cuccinelli is caught in a position where he has lieutenant governor candidate who has appeal to the really conservative republican party but he's saying things he shouldn't be saying but if he distances himself it offends the base. >> yes. he has conservatives on social and economic issues. nobody wants to lose a governor race, a gubernatorial race but there is a real silver lines for democrats here if they -- if mcauliffe loses and that is that, you know, it might help hold virginia as a fire wall, as a democratic state in 2016 because you're going to have ken cuccinelli in office doing -- continuing to do and s
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2